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2021's Top Online Casinos Accepting Paypal

If you enjoy the thrilling online gambling experience and looking for the best PayPal casino to play all your favorite slots and other casino games for real money, all that you need is just right here. When it comes to online gambling with real money, there are few things we should check out before taking any steps towards some specific casino.

Legit online gambling sites have some sort of quality standards which they take seriously. Game diversity and variety tell a lot about the casino unless the site is devoted to some specific games like slots, for example. Also, the providers of those games and their reputation are really important because they set up the games RTP rate, and it must be fair.

More importantly, is the payment and withdrawal solutions. Any decent online casino offers enough payment methods to keep all players satisfied. That is why most, if not all, legit online gambling sites offer PayPal. As one of the best and most popular payment solutions around the world, casino players are more likely to use PayPal than any other option. Using PayPal is easy, quick, and, more importantly, that it is safe.

Such online financial services, like PayPal, are available in most counties across the globe, but the rules and policies may be different in some countries. You do not need to worry about searching for information or reading any policies as we have already done the research and prepared the ultimate PayPal Casinos Online guide.

Everything you need to know about new PayPal casino sites. The rules, policies, availability for the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and many other countries in Europe and around the world. Understand why PayPal is so common among UK players, how to use the service, and what makes PayPal casino sites depositing solution a better and more convenient for you than any other option. PayPal was established in 1998, and it is 2021 already. Many changes acquired, many more solutions appeared, and PayPal remains one of the top options and most common ones.



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UK’s Best Real Money Paypal Casinos

As we mentioned before, this is PayPal Casinos Online ultimate guide for all players, especially beginners. If you are looking for top online gambling sites that accept PayPal, too many options will pop up in the search results.

Unfortunately, the majority of those websites do not even support PayPal casino payments, still mention that they do to attract new players. Thus, we highly recommend UK casino players and all other players around the world to play only on well-known online casino PayPal supported websites. On this page, you will find a list of the best gambling sites that support PayPal, but now let us talk more about the service and how it works.

How to deposit at PayPal casino

After you are done choosing the most suitable gambling site for you from our list, now you should deposit some real money to start enjoying your online gambling. If you are a new player, let me tell you this, PayPal Casinos online depositing process is pretty simple and easy:

  • First things first, if you are new to PayPal and never used the service in your life before, then you should visit www.paypal.com and create an account. Creating a PayPal account should not take more than a few minutes if you follow the step mentioned on their website, and if you would face any problem, you may easily contact the support team. Once you are done with the registration process, you still need to verify your account to be able to use it on gambling sites or in general. If you already have a PayPal account, then you can skip all this. Just make sure that your account is active and that you have enough money on your account to deposit on the casino.
  • Now you are done with your PayPal account, let us move to the gambling site. Pick your favorite casino and visit the website. New
    players are required to register on the gambling site to be able to deposit real money into their accounts to start betting on their favorite games. The sign-up procedure is pretty basic on most of the gambling sites. They request the standard information for personal identification like full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, and personal address in some cases. After you are doing with registration, you still need to activate your account through the verification process, which is simply done through a link emailed automatically to your email address, which you used to register. If you are already a user on the website, just log into your account.
  • You have logged into your account already, now let us make a deposit (Some casino sites may require the payment information during the registration process). Go to your profile and make a deposit, or it even maybe on the home page; it depends on the design. Once you click on “deposit” or “banking,” you will see all the available options for payments. Find PayPal on the list and chose the sum you want to deposit. This will redirect you to the PayPal page to accept the payment. No worries; it is totally safe and secured if the casino is trusted, of course.
  • Confirm the payment on PayPal (some security confirmations may be required). Congratulations! In a few seconds, you will receive an email from PayPal confirming the payment and will able to see the balance added to your account on the casino.

How to withdraw from PayPal casino

After playing for some time, players may get lucky and win a lot of money. Regardless of the reason, you may want to withdraw your money from the online casino PayPal withdrawing process is not any harder than depositing actually.

  • First of all, check how much money do you have in your account, as all casino sites require some minimum sum for withdrawal that is different from one gambling site to another. Also, mind the wagering requirements for each game, in case you are using bonus cash or free spins. As you cannot withdraw any bonus funds until you fulfill the requirements
  • If everything sounds okay and you are ready to withdraw your fund, just click the “withdraw” button to see all the available withdrawing methods. Make sure that you are playing on one of the recommended casinos which support PayPal for withdrawing. Now choose PayPal from the options and complete the process.
  • You will notice that the sum was subtracted from your balance on the gambling site. Some players may just keep on playing to win more, and some may call it a day. To ensure that everything is fine, you may log into your PayPal account and check the transaction, whether it was successful or something happened. The whole process should not take much time, but some players may face some problems. In case of any problems during the withdrawal process, just contact the support team of the casino site.

Deposit, Play & Withdraw Using Paypal

Online gambling sites usually offer many payment and withdrawal options for their players’ convenience, but still, not all of them offer all the solutions. Some of those payment/withdrawal methods may be confusing or complicated to deal with. That is why we recommend new players to choose online casino PayPal supported for several reasons. Among those reasons:

  • SAFE:
    whenever we are choosing any financial services, safety comes first. PayPal helps millions of users to make millions of secure transactions every day. Using multiple layers of high security makes Paypal one of the safest payment methods for UK gamblers. The money will never just vanish from the account, and you will not need to worry about extra hidden transactions because simply, it will not happen.
  • FAST:
    One of the main problems that face online casino players is the withdrawal processing time. Many transactions may take days to arrive in your account, depending on the withdrawal method you chose. With Paypal, the whole process does not take just a few seconds a minute maximum to be done.
  • COST-EFFICIENT: PayPal transaction fees are small and most probably less than most of the other options that casino offers. This way, you are getting high quality safe service with low commission fees. Sounds pretty nice, right?

PayPal Casinos by Country

As we mentioned before, Paypal is a huge financial services provider around the world, and it is well-known for its security and quality. Despite its popularity, the company’s services are not available in every single country. Also, when it comes to online casinos, not every random gambling site supports PayPal payment solution. This is not because of the service quality or anything from PayPal’s side. The company is pretty open and welcoming to the legit online casino operators.

Decent gambling sites support PayPal payment and withdrawal method, which may not be for all players, though, because the restrictions and laws in each country are different. That is why you may not see it available on many gambling sites for several reasons, some countries restrict the service totally, and others allow sending money only but not receiving. Our team is always updated with the world paypal casino changes in policies and restrictions to help casino players finding the best PayPal casino option for them. Here the service availability for casino players in each country:

PayPal Casinos in the US

In the united states, PayPal is a big thing because people there use it for almost any and every online payment. Despite the fact that PayPal is an American company that is so popular among the citizens there, it is restricted to use PayPal for any online gambling transactions in the US. This information comes from both the law and the company’s policies. Any online gambling site that allows US players to use Paypal payment method does not obey the country law. As for today, the law is not changing, and it is not clear whether there may be any changes in the future. In case of any changes, our team will, of course, keep our audience updated.

PayPal Casinos in Canada

Canada is not just well-known for its land-based casinos but also for its online gambling site. The most famous online casinos are operated in Canada and follow Canadian law. The only thing about Canada that it is not much different from the US. The Canadian players are not allowed to use Paypal services for any online gambling activities. Thus, no Canadian online casino accepts Paypal in the first place. But fortunately, for Canadian players that there are many other options they can use that are safe and trusted until Paypal allows using their services for online casinos in Canada.

PayPal Casinos in Australia

Another big country that forbids using PayPal for any online gambling activities is Australia. The situation is a bit different in Australia because the country restricts using PayPal for any online gambling site that is licensed and regulated in the country, but the service is still available for international offshore casinos. On the other hand, Paypal, as a reliable payment solution, accepts only the casinos that are regulated in Australia. This makes the service not available for Australian players anyhow, just like the US and Canada.

PayPal Casinos in New Zealand

Unfortunately, there are no New Zealand casinos that accept PayPal services due to the same reasons as the previously mentioned countries. New Zealand online casinos players are allowed to use any other available payment/withdrawal method but PayPal. So, if you are located in New Zealand, you may want to check the other trustworthy options to enjoy your online gambling experience. In case there will be any changes in the laws or in PayPal’s policies regarding this matter, we will update our audience about it.

PayPal Casinos in Germany

Finally, we have some good news. German online gamblers are free to use Paypal services to make a deposit on their favorite casino sites with no restrictions neither by the law nor PayPal policies. There are some legit and reliable German PayPal casino sites that are also mentioned on our website. Germany is one of the few countries that accept payment methods such as PayPal. So, if you are in Germany, you may enjoy online gambling without worry about your security because you may use PayPal.

PayPal Casinos in Sweden

Swedish gamblers enjoy their online casinos the most. The county is beautiful in nature and its liberal laws that work the best for the gamblers also. The list of PayPal accepting countries maybe not big, but Sweden is definitely on the top of that list. Therefore, if you are located in Sweden, you are free to open your PayPal account now and deposit some real money on any Swedish online casino that supports PayPal payment method. As always, you can easily find the most reliable and trustworthy Swedish casino sites that accept PayPal here on our website.

PayPal Casinos in Finland

Another European country that does not limit the gamblers anyhow. Finland allows its online casino players to use PayPal services for depositing and withdrawing their funds. There are many gambling websites available for Finnish players to choose from. Among those casinos, you may find many amazing options that support PayPal payment method and allows you also to withdraw your winning through PayPal. On our website, you will be able to find many exciting Finnish PayPal casino sites where you can gamble safely without worrying about your personal data or any sort of scam.

PayPal Casinos in Denmark

The country that taught the world how to relax and enjoy the good times. Danish people know to keep their comfort and joy. That is why Danish gamblers usually use PayPal as their payment solution. Making a deposit using PayPal does not take more than a few seconds. It is really easy to use, plus it is secured.

What else would any online casino player need but safety and comfort? Even finding a good reliable online casino in Denmark is not a problem. There are too many legit danish online Paypal casino sites to choose from, plus danish players are not limited to gamble only on the danish site to use PayPal, but they may also use international sites.

PayPal Casinos in Belgium

It is not only a great distinction for vacation but also an amazing country for online gambling. Belgium allows the gamblers to enjoy their experience to the fullest. Just like most in European countries, online casino accepts PayPal payment method with no restrictions at all. Thus, players have a huge variety of cool, trustworthy online casino sites that support fully support PayPal.

So, if you are lucky and started winning tons of money, you will not face any problem withdrawing the funds easily and quickly. All you have to do is to check the recommended casinos and pick your favorite casino.

PayPal Casinos in Portugal

the list one on our list but not the least important, the country that did everything to ensure the right conditions for its casino fans to gamble freely with no limits. It is Portugal, where players can make PayPal transactions on online casinos. Thus, players may find many online casinos to try without worry about the availability of PayPal payment services. In case you are looking for the top casinos, we have also listed some of the best online PayPal casinos in Portugal on our website.

Paypal Casinos | Types & Features

Since 1996, online gambling has started to become a real thing. The industry of online gambling is growing bigger and bigger every day. With modern technology and better internet coverage around the world, the number of online gamblers is growing so quickly.

The leading companies in the industry are working hard to keep their players satisfied with their online gambling experience. That is why they developed all your favorite games to fit in with modern life requirements and need.

Working with the world-leading online financial services like PayPal allowed casino sites to bring all the joy and fun of playing and winning real money to you, no matter where you are or which device you use. We have collected for you all the popular types of PayPal Casinos Online along with their instructions.

Mobile Casinos that Accept PayPal

The modern world is moving so fast, and it requires all of us to be always on the move. Online casino game developers were a bit behind in the game for the first few years, but now they are catching up with the other industries.

Mobile gambling is the perfect solution for all UK gamblers who are always on the move. It allows them to enjoy their favorite casino games on the go, on any portable device they want to use. The mobile casino is not much different from the computer version. It also runs on the web browser with full optimization for all different sizes of the screen.

Besides screen optimization, mobile casinos also have the exact same features as the computer version, including PayPal payment solutions. So, if you are playing online casino games on your phone or tablet, you will be able to make deposits on the online casino with no problem. For a better experience, some of the biggest online casinos have their own gambling app now available for their players.

To start playing your favorite casino games on your phone, all that you need to do is just to open this page on your mobile phone, choose the most suitable casino for your from the list and join it through the provided link. To make a deposit on PayPal casinos through your mobile phone, you will just follow the same procedure you do on the computer.

The only plus you may get making a deposit on a mobile casino is instead of making the payment through the web browser of your smartphone, you can easily install Paypal application on your phone. Whenever you want to deposit money on any online casino you want, just press on the deposit button on the online casino and choose PayPal. It will automatically open a new tab leading to PayPal website, and if you have the app installed, then it will open the app where you can make the deposit with one click.

Live Casinos that Accept PayPal

As we mentioned earlier on the page, the gambling industry is now catching up the modern life requirements. Online casino games are fun to play, but the video version of the game is still different from the live experience we get in land-based casinos. It lacks the communication part, emotions, and suspense. Thus, the biggest game providers around the world are hosting a live casino. Those live casino games are the same old and traditional table games that we all enjoy.

If you are seeking the luxury of a real casino experience at home, then a live casino is your casino. Most of the providers like evolution gaming took the live casino experience to a whole new level. Now live casino events are hosted in a studio with a w full set of light tables and real dealers who are well trained to host such shows. The show is streamed in real-time, and all players have the ability to communicate with each other through live chat and also with the dealer.

Because the live casino setup is a bit experience, you will not find it on every single online casino. But those online casinos that offer live casino games usually offer games like Blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and craps. All the games are streamed in real-time and are available only for real money.

Making a deposit on live casinos is not any different from the regular online casino site, the same depositing procedure you would use to deposit your fund using PayPal. If you are looking for the best live casino experience, check out our recommended casinos list, we list only the most reliable online gambling sites which accept PayPal payment and withdrawal option among their accepted methods.

New Casinos that Accept PayPal

One of the main things that can kill the gambling joy and entertainment is boredom. We all need updates and changes from time to time for some refreshment. If you are hitting the same online casino every day or even every few days over and over, with time, you will not feel any excitement doing that anymore. That is the moment when you know that you need to find some new gambling sites with different games, a new interface, and maybe some additional features. The only problem with new casinos, that you cannot be 100% certain what you are signing up for. A new gambling site means new policies, terms & conditions, payment and withdrawal methods, and different wagering requirements also.

Choosing the next online casino is a thrilling journey we all take at some point. That is why we are sharing with you our standards for choosing any new website. Many of the new gambling sites have amazing graphics and a huge variety of many exciting games. We always recommend our players to check the terms and conditions or the casino before registering or making any deposits. Regulations and licenses of the online casino are also important.

Then we move to the point where we check the payment and withdrawal options available on the website, plus many other procedures where we check the reliability and fairness..etc. You can following those steps to assure the casino quality, or you may just pick one of the recommended casinos listed on our website. All our new paypal casino sites are totally safe and secured, plus they offer many new games with such high graphics you would definitely enjoy, and of course, they all support PayPal as one of the payment and withdrawal options available. We are constantly updating our list. You come back anytime and check the newest options available.

Casino Games Accepting PayPal

Online casino operators are working hard to provide UK players with the most convenient and the best online gambling experience by updating their games, interface and supporting major payment methods like PayPal. On the other hand, online gambling game providers are also working so hard to keep their loyal players satisfied and entertained. That is why they are developing and upgrading your favorite casino games with all their variants and types to keep the fire going. The most popular games are:

PayPal Slots

Lots and lots of online casino players love paypal slots. Nothing is better than playing that amazing instant game with the ability to deposit and also withdraw instantly through PayPal. Slots are one the few games that you would enjoy it in all its variants, classic slots, video slots, the amazing progress jackpot (jackpot withdrawal does not go through PayPal because the transaction would be really huge)

Classic slots take you back to the old slot machines that you saw at least one in a movie or some land-based casino. With its 3 reels and lever, it has some special joy and fun. Video slots are not any less fun. They are considered the modern version of slot machines. With a higher resolution touch screen and a button instead of the lever, video slots have definitely changed the game. In addition, the design and technology, video slots come in different versions, 3, 5, 7 reel games are available for online gamblers to enjoy boosting their winning chances with they later can easily withdraw using Paypal.

PayPal Roulette

Another famous casino game, falls under the category of luxury table games. With dealer standing there spinning the ball on the black and red reel while everyone is placing their bets till the ball stops. Such a unique experience you find it in any other game but Roulette. Online Roulette is usually available in different variants depending on the gambling site. The most common variants are American and European Roulette. The rules are a bit different between those versions as American comes with double zeros while European version comes only with one zero, which increases the probability of hitting the number.

It does not matter which version of Roulette you play because it will be available online on some trustworthy casino. Enjoy your luxury experience to the fullest just by choosing the right casino with the most convenient payment methods. Online Roulette Players in UK usually prefer using Paypal for their transactions because it is safe, fast, and cheaper than most of the other payment methods.

On our website, we have listed the top online gambling sites where you can enjoy the best roulette experience, no matter American, European, or even Live Roulette. You will find the best Paypal supported Roulette games available on those recommended websites.

Paypal Blackjack

There is no real casino online or land-based without thrilling table games, especially blackjack, with all its different variants. Online blackjack is popular around online gamblers who enjoy card games, the game of 21 they call it. In Blackjack, players mainly aim to hit 21 or whatever is closest to it that would still beat the dealer. Such a thrilling game requires knowledge and practice to know when to pass and when to keep going.

Online blackjack is available on many casino sites to play for free without making deposits or any payments. This works best for new players to learn more about the game and practice some strategies which they may use later in when they gamble with real money.

But if you are an experienced player and want to enjoy the best blackjack online games, you can always find top Blackjack games on our list. Besides the quality of the casinos we recommend, they are also Paypal casinos operators that work the best for UK players.

PayPal Baccarat

If you are a fan of blackjack and poker games, then maybe you would like to give Baccarat a try also. The game is a bit more complected than Blackjack, but it is worth trying. New Baccarat players may always find themselves a bit lost when playing the game at first, but with time, they will start enjoying the game. So before making a quick deposit through PayPal and start playing with real money that you may lose so quickly. You may want to try the free version of the game to practice a bit and know the rules better.

Once you are ready to play with real money, you can pick one of the recommended online casinos we listed on our website, register, and use Paypal to deposit the funds quickly and safely. Use the strategies you learned and practiced while playing for free to win some games with real money.

PayPal Live Dealer Games

Not all online gambling sites offer the luxury of live casino games because the setup for such games is quite expensive, and small gambling sites cannot afford it. Luckily, all legit casino sites offer their players the best live casino experience. All the games are stream in real-time from fully equipped studios and operated by well trained and experienced dealers.

The most popular games available for live casino sessions are the most popular table games. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and craps are the most common games played on live casino and the most available also.

So, if you are seeking the land-based casino experience, live casino games would serve the course. All our recommended PayPal casino sites offer high quality live casino games to all UK players. Make a deposit, join the live session, and enjoy the unique experience.

Paypal Casino Software

Just like any industry in the world, the online gambling industry also has its own leaders, who are performing beyond its competitors in the market. The leading companies in the gambling industry are the top game providers in the market.

All the games that we play on any online gambling site is developed by some great casino software developers who work so hard to maintain the quality and the fairness of the games. The game providers vary, and their work is also different, here we have collected for you the top game providers for each type of casino games.

NetEnt PayPal Casinos

NetEnt is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, slot games developer companies. The company started in late 1996 and since then it has been growing. Moving from a small slot machine to a leader company in the industry of online gambling. NetEnt is behind many great famous games we all enjoy playing online, especially slots paypal games.

If you are a fan of online slot games, then you definitely have seen NetEnt name so many times. This game provider is specialized in slots with all its variants and types. They took the video slot games to a whole new level. Amazing graphics and extraordinary user experience games like Gonzo Quest and Aliens are developed by NetEnt.

Besides the quality of the games, they also were one of the first companies to optimize the games fully to work on different devices like mobile phones and tablets. Any time you want to play some great Paypal slots, just aim for NetEnt production games, and you will play the best slot games ever made.

Microgaming PayPal Casinos

Any online casino player must have heard of Microgaming. The company was one of the first companies to introduce the world to online gambling and foresees the future of gambling. Microgaming casino games are unique in every possible way, high quality, killer graphics, and full optimization.

If you have never come across any of Microgaming games before, which is kind of impossible, you want to try some of their best games like Thunderstruck, Jurassic Park, and Hitman. The company releases new games on a regular basis to keep the players always engaged and entertained. Most of the online casinos that operate games produced by Microgaming usually support Paypal payment and withdrawal options, which give UK players the best gambling experience they can get.

Microgaming games support all different mobile phone operating systems from Android, IOS, and Windows. This way, you can enjoy high quality games anywhere you want without worrying about optimization or security because all the games a fully optimized, and the company provides all players with fair and honest gaming.

Playtech PayPal Casinos

If you are not familiar with Playtech games, then you are not a fan of video slots. Playtech is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to slot games. Anytime you hit one of our recommended online casinos, make a quick and easy PayPal deposit and go to the video slots section and look for games developed by Playtech, you will not regret the experience.

PlayTech provides high quality video slot games with exciting graphics that make you enjoy the game even more. You can find many of their games on most gambling sites like King Kong, Goddess of Life, Gladiator, Pink Panther, and many other slot games which you will definitely enjoy and may get lucky enough to win great sums of money, which you will not worry about withdrawing later because our listed PayPal casino sites are right here for you.

Novomatic PayPal casinos

The modern gambling industry is filled with many young and small companies that may develop and produce amazing online casino games, but old is gold. Novomatic is one of the biggest companies in the gambling industry in general. The company has been almost 40 years in the industry and has produced tons of casino games.

The last few years allowed the company to learn more about their audience, which gave Novomatic a great opportunity to develop amazing online gambling games. If you never had a chance to try any game of their production, then you may pick one of our recommended options that accept PayPal payment method and start spinning.

Pragmatic Play PayPal casinos

A relatively young company that you may not know about, but the company has a bright future with all the high-quality games the company procedures. It is still a long way to be on the top of the list of the game procedures, but Pragmatic Play is working so hard to compete with the big companies in the industry.

The company is bringing a new spirit to the industry with all high graphic and cartoonish games, many video slot games like Dwarven Gold and Transylvania. their video slots games usually are 5- reels with interesting features depending on each game. Such new interesting games are worth a try, just make a deposit on paypal casino from our list and give it a shot.

IGT PayPal casinos

Last but least, IGT. IGT is another multinational gambling company that produces great slot games. The company’s headquarter is in London, but it is well-known around the world for its slot games. IGT has many exciting paypal slots theming popular movies and comic books. The production is limited to those games as you can find many other games you can enjoy playing. All the games are fully optimized to work on mobile phones and other portable devices like tablets and iPads.

If you make a deposit on of our selected casino sites, you will find a huge variety of their production on each of those online casino sites that support paypal payment method.

Paypal Casino Bonuses & Offers

The last step of choosing the best online casino site is the bonus system; each casino on our list has a different bonus and deals for its players. Now that you know which games and game providers to aim for to get the best paypal casino experience, you should just check the bonus system of each one and decide which one is more suitable for you to enjoy your gambling the most.

Our team cares a lot about your comfort and joy. That is why we have decided to let know what bonuses you should check before you register at the casino.

  • The deposit bonus:
    also known as “welcome bonus,” this bonus is awarded to new players only. Once you register on any of the listed casinos and make your first deposit, you will be awarded some free spins or a 100% match up to a specific sum. If you are using PayPal as your deposit method, you will not face any problem claiming your bonus because the transaction goes through in no time. So make your first deposit and claim your bonus.
  • Free spin:
    one of the most popular bonuses you can get on most PayPal casino sites. This bonus is not limited to new players or some specific players. Gambling sites usually use it to promote some games or as some sort of daily bonus. Besides that, you can also get some free spins if you join some loyalty programs on some online casino sites. Those free spins are there for you to boost your winning chances playing your favorite free slots.
  • No deposit bonus:
    the last main type of bonuses you may find on most PayPal Casinos Online is no deposit bonus. This bonus is just a small gift for players who registered without depositing and allows them to enjoy some free spins on some specific games to try the casino before making a deposit.

Are PayPal Casinos Online site safe to gambling on?

Of course, all our recommended PayPal casino sites are totally safe and secured. Plus PayPal itself protects your information.

Does every single online casino accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, no. not all online casino sites accept PayPal payment method, but all our listed websites do, so you just choose one from the list and enjoy your gambling.

Can I make a PayPal deposit in my country?

You can check the countries where Paypal payment method is accepted and where it is restricted on this page on “PayPal Casinos by Country” section.

Can I deposit on a mobile casino using PayPal?

Of course, all our recommended casinos are fully optimized to work on mobile devices with all the features available on the computer version.

If I cannot deposit using PayPal, what should I do?

We are sorry to hear that but do not worry about it. All legit casino sites offer more payment options, which you can still use.