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Brand New Online Casino Sites 2021

If you are an online casino player, then you probably understand how it feels to get tired of playing the old games over and over again. In the beginning, of course, it is interesting and exciting but with time to loses its thunder and start to become boring. If you are reaching the point that you know every single inch in the online casino site, then it is time for some changes to spice things up again. The online gambling industry is developing every day, and many brand-new online casinos appear in the market.

Remember that feeling you get when playing some new game for the first time? We believe that you miss it that feeling. On this page, we will show you some of those new online casinos that will get the fire going again. We all get comfortable with the options we know better than exploring something new, as it may be risky or simply just not comfy. We assure you that all the new online casinos on the page are tested and approved by our experts for you not to worry about safety. Also, we gathered only the best new casino sites not to waste your time playing some low-quality boring games.

Are you ready to sail once again, searching for the new treasure island? We are glad to guide you through this thrilling adventure with our detailed guide to the newest online casinos. You can enjoy a whole new world of different slots, exciting casino games, and unique live casino on your mobile phone or computer.

In this guide, we will also share with you our new secret tips and tricks on how to choose a new casino for you without going through millions of reviews and feedbacks. In addition to our recommended new casinos that you may like to give it a shot.



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Jonny Jackpot


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New Online Casinos, Before Getting Started

If you are stuck in your comfort zone and cannot convince yourself to try something new just for some change, then let us give you some good reasons that will defiantly push you out of your zone and old casino site towards something fresh and different.

  • New casino = new casino bonuses
    We all agree that not everything new has to be good, but when it is a bonus, it is defiantly good. Every single online casino for the last decade keeps using bonuses to attract new players to join in. New casinos are still using the same old promotion method to attract a new client. The only difference now is that you are already an experienced player who had some bonuses before and knew what to do with it. Using the opportunity to get another outstanding welcome bonus with extra cash and free spins, you will use those better this time. So, once you register on a brand new casino that offers amazing new games, you will have new games to try, which is exciting, and an extra bonus to spend on those games, which makes it even more exciting. Always remember to read the terms and conditions to know the bonus wagering requirements of the online gambling site.
  • Better casino design
    Despite the fact that all casino game providers are updating their games and technologies to fit in the modern world, still, some old online casino sites do not care to update their interface, designs, and features anymore as they consider it brand and identity or just get comfortable because they have some clients’ base. This affects the user experience badly because sometimes it is hard to navigate those old sites, and after a while of using it, it becomes boring. That is my friend, why you are here reading this article seeking some brand new casino site where you can find some great graphics, modern high quality designs, and epic features that give you a brilliant user experience. So why keep browsing that old boring site if you can get yourself a better option with more games and features.
  • Improved security measures
    Just like any other software, the older versions are more likely to be cracked and hacked than the newest online casino sites. Security is really important when it comes to playing online casino games with real money. You want to be sure that your card number or bank account will not be shared anyhow without your permission. The new casinos online sites are much more secured than the older ones because they use the latest updates of all different security systems to keep their clients safe and secure all the time. That is why instead of risking losing money because of an expired SSL certificate or old software that is easily cracked or hacked, you would better deposit that money on some legit brand new casino site and win more money playing your favorite games in a better resolution.
  • Customer support
    One of the main reasons many casino players from the UK shift to new casino online sites is the customer support service and its availability. Most, if not all, the old casino sites offer customer support service via email only, which is quite outdated. Modern problems require modern solutions. New casino sites pay more attention to the quality of the customer support service they provide their clients. Most of those new casinos offer a live chat support option that is available 24/7 to lose any issue you may have in addition to the phone method, which is so common in the United Kingdom and the old Email method for those who prefer emails to live chat.
  • Wider variety of casino games
    As we mentioned be for that old software may let you down sometimes. Online casino sites are just like computers or smartphones. They have some system running the operations and also have some specs which may vary from one site to another. So, if you just bought some new cool games with high graphics, do you think it would work smoothly on some old, outdated tablet or computer? The same thing with online casino games. All the game providers are working hard to develop better games with higher graphics to keep UK players entertained all the time. But those games require some minimum specs to function smoothly, and that is where the best new casino sites come in handy. All reliable new online casino sites use the highest technology to operate all the new variants of slots, table games, and live casino sessions. Not to mention that all those new sites also provide old games for those who like old school gambling.

So, those reasons are enough to convince you to try some new online casinos? Now let us share with you some of our trips on how to choose the best new casino site for you without going through tones of review and different options. Before we move to the next section, let us also remind you that you can find a list of top new online casino sites that were tested by our experts before.

Choosing New Casinos | Guide & Tips

The process of finding some new reliable online gambling sites is getting hard with time because the amount of fake and sketchy gambling sites is also growing better every day. That is why you have to be careful searching for new options by yourself, and we highly recommend you to choose one of those brand new online casinos that are listed here on this page. But if you insist on doing that on your own, we still will guide you through this also. Here is our secret tips and trick on choosing the best new online casino site:

  • License:
    Any reliable online gambling site, no matter old or new, must be regulated and licensed by at least a few authorities in some country. Most of the legit online casinos are regulated by the United Kingdom gambling commission and Malta gaming authority. Any new casino online would mention the license with its number in the footer on the home page or in the “about us” section. To be more certain about the license, you can check the validation of the number on the authority site.
  • Independent tests:
    This testing is also another important point when choosing new casinos online. Originations like eCOGRA monitor and test check game on the online gambling site to ensure the accuracy of the RNG to ensure fair and safe gambling for UK players. So, before registering one any new online casino sites, make sure to check the footer where you can find the licenses and certificates that ensure the reliability of the online casino and the fair gambling experience on it.
  • Security:
    As we mentioned before that security is vital when it comes to choosing an online casino site where you will be playing with real money. Do not insert any personal information from name, address, phone number, and, more importantly, card number or bank account until you make sure that the online gambling site is safe and has an SSL certificate. That digital certificate provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection—this way, no one can see or copy and data you share with the webmaster or administration.
  • Customer support:
    If you have played online casino games before, then you know that at some point, you will need to contact the support team for some reason. That is why the customer support quality is one of the main points we check when choosing brand new casino sites that we may recommend to our UK audience. Most of the legit online casinos offer few methods of which you can use to contact the support team. Those methods are usually the live chat (which is the most convenient, especially if it is available 24/7), Phone calls (it usually depends on the country where you are located), and email, which is the oldest method among those three methods.
  • Banking:
    If you are looking for new casinos online where you can play slots with real money, then you must check the payment methods available before taking any further steps. All well-known online gambling sites offer a decent selection of payment methods for UK players to choose from. The main payment methods that you will defiantly find on any online casino site are bank wiring, debit card, and some e-wallets. The most common debit card service providers are Visa and MasterCard. The debit card method is safe unless you share your data and relatively fast. While e-wallets method like PayPal is way faster and, of course, more secured as you do not share any personal information more than your PayPal account. So, make sure to find some convenient methods for you not to face any problems in the future.
  • Withdrawal policy:
    Any time you get lucky and win some money playing online casino games, you want to withdraw that money as soon as possible to celebrate. To be able to do so, you need to make sure that the new casino online you chose is offering a fair withdrawal policy. Most reliable online casino sites take 24-48 hours to review the request and accept it. To know more about the withdrawal policy of the gambling site you chose, you can check the withdrawal policy section, where you can see the minimum withdrawal accepted amount and the response duration.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    Just like any documentations, you need to know what you are signing up to be registering on any brand new casino site. The terms and conditions of any gambling site are more important than anything else. Make sure to read the terms and conditions section carefully to know your rights and the right that the casino reserve. In addition to knowing basic information like the wagering requirements, the minimum deposit accepted, and minimum withdrawal allowed, which activities are banned, which countries are restricted…etc. All this important information and more is mentioned in the terms and conditions section. Make sure to read it.
  • Software:
    Besides the game selection and the graphics on the gambling site. There is another important aspect in the game section, which is the game provider or the supplier. All brand new online casinos operate some casino games developed and designed by some game providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Thunderkick, Playtech…etc. The quality of any online casino game is determent by the game developer company which produced the game. So, if you are looking for high quality games with amazing graphics, you may look for one of the best game providers in the industry. Besides the quality of the game, the accuracy of the RNG is also related to the game provider. So, to ensure the honesty of the game you are playing, you better check the software provider.
  • Casino Bonuses:
    Another important factor for choosing the best new casino is the bonus system and promotions in general. Each online gambling is offering its own bonuses, but there are common types of online casino bonuses like the welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, daily bonus, loyalty program…etc. The value of those bonuses, as we just mentioned, is different from one casino to another. So, before deciding on any new online casino, check the promotions section to choose the best bonus for you. Also, keep mind to check the wagering requirements for the bonus winnings to be able to withdraw any winnings. All this information should be mentioned in the bonus policy section on the casino site. If not so, then you will be able to find it on the terms and conditions page.

Top New Online Casinos Worldwide

The online gambling industry can be different from one country to another. Each country is seeing it in its own way. Some countries are badly and strict when it comes to regulating and licensing new online casinos to allow them to operate locally. On the other hand, other countries are happy and welcoming new casino sites to start operating locally with regulations licenses, of course.

At the same time, others may struggle to keep online gambling controlled. Therefore, while some online casino game players in one country are enjoying all the new different casino games with all-new graphics and features just once they appear in the market, others are still limited to land-based casinos and old-fashioned casino sites where you can barely find any new games.

In this section, we will take look at the online gambling industry in different countries around the world. Which countries may have changed their regulations and which countries are the best to search for new casino options and more. Various places across the globe, from north to south, just as at the new casinos online new arrival games that have just shown up in those countries so you can know what is available in your country and start playing the new games.


For all those who search for brand new casino sites that are available in the US, we believe that you already know how hard it is to find some good reliable online casino in US, especially with the current restrictions on all online gambling activities in general. So, in case there will be an online casino that would be able to fight all these obstacles and obtain a gambling license in the US. All US residents will defiantly know about it in some way or another. Thus, until the moment that you hear something on the news about some changes in the regulations, unfortunately, there will not be new online casinos available in the US.

For quite a while, even sports betting was banned as a gambling activity in the US, but it did not stop the American gamblers from betting on their favorite sport through international platforms or some other methods. Until the government decided to legalize betting on sports, and it became national regulated activity. The situation with online gambling now is not much different from the sports betting back in the day, but still, things are not going so great with the new online casinos industry in the US.

As for the parent time, probably a few types of online casino games are permitted in four states, only which are Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, allowing only online poker games to operate on those online casinos. In any case, there is a hope that all other online gambling activities may be permitted one day in the country. According to recent reports, the online casino industry in American is growing more than $5 billion before the end of this year.

Also, there are 20 states at least will allow online casinos to operate legally. So, despite the fact that the new online casinos in the US list are not quite impressive for now, hopefully, in the near future, there will be more great options available for US online gamblers.


It is the country where you can find many amazing land-based casinos that offer an outstanding gambling experience for all their visitors. Unlike the US, Canada does not restrict or permit online gambling activities within the country. The government gives each province the right to decide on the matter for its own people. Which makes it a bit confusing for Canadian online casino players as they may need to check regulations in each territory to understand what is permitted where. Luckily, most of the online gambling sites that operate in Canada are regulated and licensed in the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, especially the newest online casinos. And since the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory is a national reserve, then Canadian players can use those online casinos freely without worry about breaking any laws.

In addition to the ability to play on international gambling sites that accept new players from Canada with no limitations. So, if you are staying in Canada, you have the chance to enjoy many amazing new casino online sites that operate locally within the country and internationally in many different countries around the world. Here are some of the top recommended brand new casino sites that you may want to give it a try:

  • Spinia: the welcome bonus here is a 100% deposit match cash bonus up to $100 value plus a 50% match bonus on the second deposit.
  • Dreamz Casino: by registering on this new online casino site, you will get a 100% match bonus for your first deposit up to $100 value and 50 free spins on a specific free slot game. Each new player is required to wager the bonus x40 in one month.
  • Jonny Jackpot Casino: this one here is more generous when it comes to bonuses. You have a chance to get $1000 bonus cash as a 100% match to your first deposit.
  • Casinonic: with the slogan “winners play here,” Casinonic offers its new players a 100% match welcome bonus for up to $1200 value. This way, you can have over $2000 cash on your balance to try as many games as you wish.
  • Playzee: The one with the highest welcome bonus among those five options. If you decided to register on Playzee, you would get a generous welcome bonus that can reach up to $1500 value plus 150 free spins on some specific slots and 500 zee points, which can be used to join the loyalty program.


Online gambling is legal in many forms in the UK, and the minimum legal age is 18. The first gambling law in modern history was passed in the early 1960s, allowing bingo halls and sports betting shops to operate, but with few restrictions in place. Not long after that, in 1968, we saw the legalization of commercial land-based casinos that provided table games. Fast forward to the turn of the century, UK gambling laws were not ready to catch up with the online gambling boom from the 2000s onwards, so the legality of British players placing online bets was largely vague.

However, the Gambling Act 2005 has made things clear and made big-time that all UK casinos operating on British soil are required to have a license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). UKGC is the only official authority responsible for licensing and regulating UK online casinos. It is an independent public authority funded by the Ministry of Sports, Information, and Culture. This simplified gambling in the UK and played a major role in stabilizing the industry while at the same time eliminating the risks of underage gambling and money laundering.

In 2014, the Gambling Act was amended to add another rule: online casinos offering gambling services to UK customers must also have a UKGC license. The exception to this rule is “white gambling powers”, which are licensing authorities that have been established by UKGC as safe and legal places to gamble online. The current whitelist jurisdiction is Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Tasmania, and Antigua and Barbuda, which means that you are safe to place bets in online casinos licensed by this jurisdiction.

If you love online casino games in general, you should try playing one of the many UK online casino sites that operate from all over the United Kingdom. Any new online casino site in the UK must obtain the necessary licenses from one of the well-known international gambling authorities like the UK Gambling Commission in order to ensure that all casino games and activities are fully monitored. Here are some of our recommended brand new online casinos for UK players:

  • Genesis Casino: the first deposit bonus is a 100% match to your deposit up to £1000 value plus 300 free spins on different video slots.
  • Ahtigames: for every £1 you deposit into your account, you get one free super spin.
  • Jonny Jackpot: they offer the UK players the same generous deal of up to £1000 value deposit match welcome bonus.
  • Casino Joy: each new player has a chance to claim up to a £1000 welcome bonus and 200 free spins on the Starburst slot game.
  • Playzee: offers new players a welcome bonus of 100% deposit match bonus and 150 free spins on some slot games plus 500 zee points, which you can collect to join the loyalty program.


There are still a lot of new online casinos that want to appreciate Australian customers. But since the September 2017 introduction of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Act, the situation in Australia became so hard for an online gambling site to obtain a license to operate in the country. It is pretty hard for the Australian players who enjoy online gambling and want to try some brand new casino sites. Somehow, gambling, in general, became a problem in Australia, and they had to take some action. Although the solution they came up with made things harder for online casino operators to working locally and stopping new casinos totally from even thinking about obtaining license there, the government was able to control the situation within the country. Despite the strict laws in the country, international gambling sites still somehow manage to offer Australian players a chance to enjoy online gambling. Among those great casinos that you can access from Australia:

  • Omni Slots: Once you register on the online casino, you will receive 100% deposit match up to $500 and 70 free spins as a welcome bonus.
  • Joe Fortune: unlike most of the online casinos, this 100% welcome bonus here has no limit. The more you deposit, the more you get.
  • Casinonic: once you register on Casinonic, you get up to $1200 welcome bonus with your first deposit
  • Playamo: get up 100% match for the first deposit and a 50% match for a second deposit.
  • Fair Go Casino: This online casino here offers 100% deposit match up to $200 value. The bonus is not limited to the first deposit but also for the next four deposits also.

New Zealand

The online gambling market in New Zealand is not very active due to server reasons. First of all, the country is small and does not have many gamblers that would go to the online casino version. Also, the laws in the country are rusticating online gambling activities in general within the country. According to the local industry regulation by the Gambling Act of 2003, it is not possible to obtain a local license to operate a new casino online in New Zealand.

That is why all online casino players who are located in New Zealand are playing through international gambling sites that freely accept new players from New Zealand. So, if you are in New Zealand and want to try some exciting new casinos online but cannot find any that are regulated locally, you can choose one of our recommended brand new casino sites for New Zealand players.

Here are some of those gambling sites that you can find in our list.

  • Happy Hugo: the welcome bonus is a 200% match to your first deposit and additional rewards for every next deposit.
  • Fun Casino: You are getting a welcome bonus up to $998 specifically, plus 111 free spins for slots.
  • Twin Casino: The welcome bonus is a 100% match to your first and second deposits and 50 spins on some specific slot games.
  • Casino Joy: you can get up to $1000 as a deposit match and 200 more free spins for the Starburst slot.
  • KTO Casino: the KTO casino offers a deposit match that can reach up to $1700 in total for the first three deposits.

How to guarantee the safety of the new online casino I choose?

To guarantee the safety of any brand new gambling site, you need to check the licenses obtained by the online casino that is usually mentioned in the footer on the homepage, and to ensure the safety of your personal information, make sure that the gambling site has an SSL certificate that encrypts your connection with the website.

Are there bonuses for registering on new casino?

Of course, just like any gambling site, all new casinos offer their new players many amazing bonuses to try different games and boost their fun.

Can I run new mobile casinos on my phone?

As long as your mobile device supports the HTML5 technology, then you will be able to play all your favorite online casino games on the web browser of your smartphone or tablet.

What are the reasons I should try new casinos for?

First of all, for you not to get bored with your online gambling in general as it will be boring to play the same games on the same site over and over again. Second of all, to try new games with exciting high-quality graphics and new features. Third of all, to have the chance to claim new bonuses and rewards.

How fast is the withdrawal process on new casinos?

The withdrawal process takes approximately the same duration as most online gambling sites. The average duration to get the confirmation for the request is 24-48 hours plus the transaction.

What are the disadvantages of choosing a new online casino?

Suppose you choose one of our recommended new casinos that are 100% safe and secured. Most probably, you will not face problems but getting used to the new interface and design.