Cats Slot Game Review

by Portomaso Gaming

Not every cat person loves slots, but those who do certainly enjoy cat-themed reel games. This is not to say that Cats slots are created only for those who can’t imagine their lives without these purring sounds and the pitter-patter of kitty feet.
In fact, cats and slots have more in common than you may think. Both cats and wins come and go as they please; both can make you happy or randomly refuse to do what you expect of them.

Last but not least, cats and slots alike are flatterers: they make you feel that you’re exceptional and lucky – or, in case you sometimes aren’t, it’s not your fault at all.


  • Free Spins
  • average RTP of 94
  • Wild symbols


  • No Bonus Rounds

Cats and Slots Are Worth the Risk

If you don’t have very high expectations, that is. Both cats and slots certainly teach us to know the limits. Then, they can definitely make us richer, but each in their own way.
So, whether you absolutely love these fluffy, adorable, and independent felines, or simply want to play different-themed slots for a change, Cats slots by Portomaso Gaming are a nice addition to pet-themed casino games. If you enjoy traditional 5-reel slots that are easy to play and understand, and visually simple but prefer the ones with typical bonus symbols and features, Cats slots are likely to be a good choice over many of the older 5-reel slots. You can adjust the number of pay lines, and play for as little as 0.25 per spin if you activate all 25 of them, but free play is also available at many quality casinos if you are only after the cuteness factor and the fun of no-risk spinning.

Why Play Cats Slots?

When it comes to variety and choice, there are so many slot options today that choosing is just a matter of personal preferences in terms of design and features. So, what Cats Slots by Portomaso Gaming have to offer?

  • This slot online is all about cats;
  • These cats award free spins
  • and a bonus round with wins that come in the shape of balls of yarn.

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Besides, not only different cat species are easily recognizable on the reels, but the special symbols are clearly labeled according to how they come into play (“Wild”, “Scatter”, “Bonus”). These have standard functions that most players are used to having in a typical slot: the wilds complete wins, the scatters trigger the free spins, and the Bonus (Siamese) cats start the bonus game with balls of yarn to select from that will reveal your wins. Another cute thing about this online video slot is the company of cats, cartoonish as they may be, looking at you the exact same way real cats look when they are waiting for you to do something: go play now, meow!


When cats went up against dogs in a TV battle of wits, senses, and physical agility, felines actually came out on top, proving that they are indeed the superior animal. Those who want to argue the toss should consider this, too- would a dog help you win big money online?
  • Five-reel Slot
  • Video Slot
  • 25 paylines


  • Slot Type:
  • Paylines:
  • Reels:
  • Jackpot:
  • RTP:

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