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What You Should Know About Choosing an Online Casino Bonus

Did you hear about online casino bonuses but are still unsure about how they work? The first thing to clarify is that these deals are real. Internet gambling platforms are offering bonuses and promotions to attract new users to their websites.

It’s a win-win situation for both the casinos and players. Operators hope you will like their promo scheme, games, and other features, and you’ll stick around on the site. It’s an option for players to test that platform and receive boosts that grant extra playing time and chances to win.
As a newcomer, you might be confused with how casino offers work. That’s why we created a page with a detailed explanation of various bonus types and how to claim them. You’ll discover what factors to consider when choosing a suitable offer and get familiar with different promotion categories.

Our team gathered the list of top online casinos offering incentives to new and loyal players. You can pick a suitable welcome bonus or check out VIP programs and loyalty promotions for those who stick around. We searched the web to gather only trustworthy, reliable casinos with deals available to British players.
Are you ready to learn about gambling bonuses expecting you in the online world? Make sure to get to know all details before you check out the list and pick your preferred deal!


What Are the Main Online Casino Bonus Types?

A suitable description of a casino bonus is that it’s a boost that players can expect for registering or playing on a certain platform.
Here is a quick overview of the three main bonus types:

  • No deposit bonuses – these don’t require you to deposit a single penny. The only condition is to register a new account on that website.
  • Deposit match and other boosts – these are welcome deals given for your initial deposit(s). The main difference is they require an investment in your account.
  • Loyalty deals – these promotions serve to reward you for sticking around. They vary from
    different VIP levels with different benefits to cashback deals and other incentives.

The internet gambling platforms make sure there’s something for everyone. Newbies will appreciate a free option for testing the website. High rollers can benefit more from deposit matches, cashback, and other loyalty deals.
Your goal is to identify bonuses that best fit your preference. Although each deal comes with specific terms and conditions, nothing can stop you from using promos on multiple sites. If you meet the requirements for claiming that offer, don’t hesitate to use it. It’s an excellent way to try different platforms and find one that suits your expectations.

No Deposit Bonus Basics

It might sound unbelievable, but some platforms offer a no deposit bonus to new players. The reason why operators choose this deal is to attract users to their platform. You usually receive a small boost for free. Those could be extra spins for particular slot machines or a cash amount to spend on any games listed on the site.
The only step to activating this bonus is registering a new account on that platform. Completing the registration form rarely takes more than two minutes, even if you have to validate your phone number or e-mail address.
Once you log into your account, you should notice the bonus credited automatically. Some operators require players to contact customer service first. That way, they confirm the user read their terms and conditions, and they are serious about playing on that platform. Talking to an agent shouldn’t take more than a few seconds of your time. The usual timeframe for issuing your bonus is 24 hours, but it should arrive much faster.

An Overview of Deposit Match Bonuses

The deposit match boost is often a part of the casino welcome bonus, although special promotions might make it available to existing players, too. The common concept is that the platform boosts your initial or several first deposits.
Let’s say that the operator offers a welcome bonus that involves a 100% match to your first deposit. If you deposit $20, you’ll receive $20 of bonus money. You can use it to play any games, but it’s not possible to withdraw it. If you want to request a payment, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements (more on that below).
The welcome offer could cover the first three or more deposits. Here is an example of its structure:

  • 200% match to your 1st deposit – if you add $50, you’ll receive $100 as a bonus amount ($150 in total).
  • 50% match to your 2nd deposit – if you invest $50, you’ll receive $25 as a boost ($75 in total).
  • 25% match to your 3rd deposit – those who invest $50 will get $62.5 ($12.5 as a boost).

Please note that a deposit bonus often comes with a maximum limit. If it’s set at $100, it doesn’t matter that the rate is a 100% match – those who invest $200 will still receive $100 as the bonus amount.

What’s Unique About a Guaranteed Deposit Bonus?

The classic or guaranteed deposit bonus works differently than the match boost mentioned above. The idea was to simplify and avoid any confusion that might come up with deposit matches.
Here is how it works – you invest the required sum and automatically qualify for the specified deposit bonus. For example, the casino might promise a $100 bonus amount for all those who invest at least $20. Whether you invest $20 or $50, you’ll receive $100 as extra cash. Please note the percentages don’t always work in your favor. It’s more common that deals include an extra $10 for every $20 invested or something like that.
Although this could be your first deposit bonus on some platforms, it’s also a part of chosen promotions for all players. You can use that opportunity to reload your account and get some extra money to play with on the site.

An Overview of Loyalty Casino Bonus Deals

What if you used the first deposit bonus but want to continue playing at the site? You might like the games or excellent smartphone playing experience on the platform. Whatever your reason, online casinos have loyalty programs and other promotions prepared for these situations.
The most common loyalty program involves earning complementary points while playing on the site. You increase the point quantity with every new wager. Once you reach sufficient points, it’s possible to convert them to real money or bonus funds to play on that site. Some platforms even allow purchasing merchandise in their story.
Many web-based casinos have a VIP program. That program allows you to progress through the ranks the more you invest in the site. You unlock different benefits over time, such as dedicated account managers, cashback deals, etc. These cashback bonuses and other benefits for high rollers might be available as regular promotions, too.

What Other Casino Bonuses Are Available?

We’ve now covered the major online casino bonuses, but you might encounter some other deals on specific sites. Although those aren’t that common, these other offers can secure additional benefits to new and regular players.
Here is a quick overview of some other deals to use:

  • Referring a friend – some gambling platforms will appreciate you recommending their website to others. They could even reward you with a small playing sum for your move. Players usually receive this boost after their friend registers and deposits for the first time.
  • Mobile gaming promotion – some platforms might offer special deals when playing on your smartphones or portable gadgets. A casino might even offer a boost if you install their mobile app.
  • Payment method promotion – the operator might have a special partnership with a specific payment provider. That’s why you could get a boost if you deposit via PayPal, Skrill, or an alternative method.

Terms and Requirements for Using a Casino Bonus

Internet gaming platforms frequently offer generous deals to their users. Whether you deposit or not, you can look forward to tempting extra sums and other benefits. However, the critical thing to note is that even the best bonuses come with certain requirements.
The basic term is that you can’t withdraw the extra money right away. That’s an expected requirement because getting a $100 bonus would then be like getting that money for free. Apart from that, there are other conditions you’ll need to comply with to qualify for a bonus deal.
Here are the usual requirements:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old (or whatever the legal age requirement in your location).
  • Only a single account is allowed per user. That means you can’t use the same bonus twice, even from different accounts.
  • Some bonuses cancel each other. For example, a casino might offer a 100% roulette or a 200% slot deposit boost. If you choose the former, you can only use the extra funds on roulette.

It’s crucial to read the terms and conditions of the desired deal before claiming it. That way, you’ll know what to expect while playing.

  • Expiration Date
  • Most new player bonuses come with an expiration date. For example, you might receive a $100 extra sum to play on any game. The platform can limit you to seven days to meet the payout requirements. If you fail to do that, they will erase all extra funds you had once the time limit expires. The most common deadlines for using these deals are anywhere from seven to 30 days.
    Another time limit might refer to multiple installments of the received bonus. For example, you got a 200% boost to your initial deposit. The total sum is $400, but you’ll receive it in four installments. You get $100 immediately, the next installment in seven days, etc. Please note each of these batches often comes with a time limit. If the release rate is seven days, the time for using the previous installment might have the same restriction.

  • Wagering Conditions
  • Each online casino bonus comes with a wagering requirement. The basic wagering condition is how much time you need to invest the received bonus sum in qualifying for a withdrawal. If the requirement is 10x and you get $100, you’ll need to wager 10×100 ($1,000) to convert the funds to real cash. Once you meet the condition, it’s possible to submit a withdrawal request.
    Some other wagering conditions might refer to the maximum sum to invest per round. For example, your maximum wager per spin on slots could be $1. These conditions vary significantly, so make sure to read the terms to be familiar with your deal.

  • Game Restrictions
  • If you claimed a specialized bonus offer, you might be able to use those funds only on specific games. For example, a live casino deal is meant for live gaming tables with human dealers. You can also get a dedicated boost for slots or games from a particular developer.
    For general promotions, different games might have various contribution rates to the wagering requirements. For example, slots might have a 100% contribution rate. That means each $1 invested is a $1 toward the wagering condition. However, roulette could have a 50% contribution rate. It implies you’ll need to wager $2 to contribute $1 to the wagering requirement.
    The good news is that no one will restrict you when it comes to the device you are using. Whether you use a tablet or phone to play on the go or a PC to visit the site at home, it doesn’t matter. The contributions will remain the same on any gadget.

  • Winning Restrictions
  • The classic winning restriction involves putting on a maximum cap for the bonus deal. For example, the platform might restrict you to winning no more than $500 with that promotion. If you spin the reels and win a $100K jackpot, you’ll still receive only $500. Unfortunately, this could be quite restricting, so you should be careful how you wager the bonus sums.
    Some platforms might also have a minimum withdrawal rule. If it’s set at $50, and you win $20 with the extra funds received, you won’t be able to withdraw. The good news is that you won’t lose the earned sum – it will simply be transferred to your account balance.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with using an online casino bonus. Some deals don’t even require a deposit, while investing funds to the platform might unlock more generous offers. You’ll receive an extra sum intended for playing games on the site. For newcomers, that could be the perfect jumpstart and an ideal way to try different titles with a minimal investment. For experienced players, cashback deals and VIP programs improve the total experience and make a certain platform more attractive than others.
Allow us to remind you that it’s crucial to stick to reputable casinos when utilizing promotions. Whether you plan on using a deposit bonus or another boost, make sure the platform is available to UK players. We made sure that any casino listed on our site welcomes users from the United Kingdom and has all the necessary licenses to do business in this region. Your only task is to find the perfect deal and claim it. Make sure to try out bonuses today to see why they make playing in online casinos special!